About Me


My background is Martial Arts/Boxing.

Achieving my black belt in Judo at 16, Then joining the Great British Judo Squad.

I became a Personal Trainer, Taught Self Defence in schools and Boxing in Gyms.

I am a worldwide traveler, Training in the U.K for Sports Massage & Thailand for Advanced Reflexology and Thai Massage.

I believe in holistic health and the power of regular maintenance for prevention of injuries and onset of issues as we grow. I am grateful to be apart of this profession, aiding my clients in pain management, increasing their mobility and keeping them in tip top shape!



Deep Tissue

Therapeutic Sports/Deep Tissue Massage:

* Prevention of injuries 

* Pain management 

*  Maintenance

*  Injuries   

*  Rehabilitation 

Improve circulation 
Work on issues from 
*digestion to insomnia 
*Psoriasis to vertigo


* Improve Circulation 

* Work on Specific Disorders

* Calm & Relax Nervous system 

* General health 

* Reduce Stress


Fighting Fit Sports Massage

Winnipeg Street, Penticton, British Columbia V2A, Canada

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